Bogart and State Budget

Sept. 10, 2015


Dear Hildie:

I saw TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE again last night. What wonderful performances by Bogart and Walter Huston (the latter, of course, got an Oscar). What’s so great about Bogart is that he was so versatile, from playing a hero (CASABLANCA), to a weak alcoholic (AFRICAN QUEEN), to a paranoid  (TREASURE, CAINE MUTINY).

Just had a meeting with crew to address certain concerns. I hope too many feelings didn’t get hurt. As I stressed to them, all the mistakes they’ve made are ones I’ve made many times over.

I agree with James Gill in the ADVOCATE: John Kennedy is the one for governor, but he has too much sense to run. Nobody wants to hear about budget cuts and raised taxes.

On to P.O. to mail this and see if any client has paid.





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