Chinese Drywall and Gas Prices

Sept. 16, 2015


Dear Hildie:


I had to go back to the dentist for another temp cap because the first one broke yesterday while I was eating tortilla chips. I told him to shop using the supplier who provided Chinese Drywall for his silly putty.


Boy, work is slow. I think the low gasoline prices are cutting down the number of projects. Low gas prices are a boon to most people but not to me.


I looked up GREEN FOR DANGER and it was given rave reviews. So I ordered it. I like Trevor Howard and Alistair Sim (“Scrooge”).


I just got a biography of Gen. Sherman. I feel like I ought to learn more about LSU’s first president, whom all the die-hard Rebels around here refuse to have a building named for. The latest reason was that he was an Indian hater. Well, gosh, does that make him unusual for his time and place? But that’s the sort of thing I want to read about to see how close to the truth it is.


Still feeling lethargic but coffee helps—so long as it isn’t a lot of coffee. More than a little and I become so anxious I feel like the Day of Doom is seconds away.


Take care. Have fun being walled up for the LSU-Auburn game Saturday afternoon. I think I’ll celebrate by taking a nap.





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