Football and murder

Dear Hildie:


Well, all that sturm und drung about the big LSU opener and for nothing! How does it feel having been penned inside your house for a full day for nothing? First time in 98 years a game was called due to weather.

The other night I watched one of my favorite movies, the 1943 HEAVEN CAN WAIT, with Don Ameche and Gene Tierney. What a wonderful story—Poor Henry van Cleve dies and goes to hell but when he meets the devil and tells his story, mainly about his incurable weakness for women, the devil tells him he’s made so many people happy he doesn’t belong there and sends him upstairs. Of course, in today’s PC climate, it is probably seen as an excuse for male-dominance, etc, etc. But Ameche makes such a gentle, kindly character out of Henry that you have to love him—as did all the women he ever met.

See they’re trying to reopen the Melissa Montz case from 1985. That always seemed an odd business to me—and in the latest story they released information they hadn’t previously, about how she’d been tied to a log and raped and left in a ditch along Nicholson Drive. What’s odd is that someone planned it, because they brought a rope, but even at 6 a.m. in the dark, raping and killing a woman jogger in a ditch beside a major road seems pretty risky as well as uncomfortable for the killer. Of course, he may have ridden a bike. If they ever solve it, and I hope they do, I’ll be curious to know the truth.

Finally finished my rewrite. Thank God! Have to set it aside now and go back in a few weeks and see how it reads.

Enough for now.


Take care.




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