Muslims and Geo Washington Carver

Sept. 22, 2015


Dear Hildie:


I see poor old Carson is back-pedaling from his stupid remark about not wanting a Muslim to be able to be president. Why didn’t he just say, “I don’t want ANY radical person as president, whatever religion or non-religion”? The US is the only so-called enlightened country where religion is so important politically. It makes us look like idiots. And Jindal says a Muslim is okay if he takes the presidential oath with his hand on the Bible! Whose Bible? Which version?


We drove to New Orleans last night to hear Chris Vella lecture on George Washington Carver. I had no idea he was such a thoroughly decent, even “saintly” man, or that Booker T. Washington, his mentor, was such a rotter. I guess I’ll have to read her book now! She’s a great writer, an excellent researcher, and a tireless promoter. The latter is something I lack but she can’t afford to lack it, as this is her livelihood. She really makes the lecture circuit.


Please, keep well and take care.





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