Yapping Chihuahuas and old novels

Sept 17, 2015


Dear Hildie:


CRIMES OF ARTEMUS KEEL is not the story I rewrote—This is entirely different. And YES, you’re absolutely right about the descriptions! I am descriptively challenged and wish I could put in more environment—I get so carried away by the story I forget. But your point is quite valid!

Well, more blah-blah by the Republican candidates last night. But the good thing is Jindal is still at the Kiddie Table. As someone said, he’s trying hard to make sure that if a Republican gets in, he gets a cabinet post. One of the commentators yesterday likened him to a “yapping Chihuahua.”

I have to go get my blood test now, and take MM to her cardiologist for a checkup. But I’m going through a lot of old things I wrote (from 2001 on) and trying to polish them up.


Take care.




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