Post-Turkey Day

Nov. 30, 2015


Dear Hildie:

Another Thanksgiving holiday bites the dust. Now for Christmas. But I know as sure as I know anything that as we prepare to relax into the Xmas season a client will call and want something before the New Year. Always happens.

Anyway, it was good talking with you Thursday, but have mercy! Some of us like to sleep late. We aren’t all as energetic as you are! Especially after a wonderful day in the fresh air in South Vacherie.

I’ve finished all my scanning. Now I can peacefully start writing something else. Just have to work out a few details.

I may visit my sick friend today. I’ll call first. I hope the holiday and all the family didn’t wear him out. He’s so weak.

Like you keep reminding me, though, it comes to all of us.

So take care so it doesn’t come to you too soon…



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