Rat snakes

Nov. 18, 2015


Dear Hildie:


I had a bowl of fruit last night as per your recommendation. Now I feel like a 25 year-old man, full of vim and vigor, with an insatiable desire for pretty girls, and a desire to run the Marathon!


(Just to see how gullible you are).


What a surprise that Jindal dropped out. He was never in and all he’s been doing is running for a cabinet post if the elephants win.


Had the crew in a rice field earlier this week. Nothing but slop and a very unhappy rat snake.  Rat snakes are very pretty though I wouldn’t want to cuddle up to one. Speaking of which, during the bad weather last night Pierre got on the bed between us and tried to burrow in. What a baby.


Take care (of the coons and possums and yourself).






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