Nov. 20, 2015


Dear Hildie:


Two damn calls in five minutes from Vitter. He’s driving people away with this kind of desperation.


I was thinking of turkeys for some reason, which reminds me of what I’ve been scanning: I’ve been scanning the first things I wrote, when I was in college. Talk about turkeys! I’m ashamed I was ever so portentous, adverb-laden, pompous, preach y and sentimental! My God, those things are awful! Makes me despair of my ability. How could anybody write such drivel? Dear me—Delayed adolescence.


Speaking of drivel, I have to get to writing some now for an archaeology report.


Oh, did you see the NOVA about the first humans in the New World? Terrible. They only talked about California, as if they didn’t have a budget to go anywhere else, and it was so simplistic it hurt.


Take care.






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