2 Timothy


December 22, 2015


Dear Hildie:


The obsequies for my friend fortunately only held one reference to his “looking down on us.” I can’t stand those sentimentalistic statements. Even people who should’ve known better indulged in them at Haag’s memorial. He would’ve laughed at them. And, of course, the homilist read 2 Timothy: “I have fought the good fight.” No mention that scholars almost universally feel that Paul never wrote it because of anachronisms in the text. Frankly, though, it does sound a bit like Paul—Self-congratulatory, boasting, all about himself. Paul was a perfectly disgusting little man. How Christians can admire him I don’t understand. Here was a man who was jealous of those who’d actually known Jesus and insisted his hallucination was just as valid as their years of acquaintance with Jesus.


Enough grumbling for now.