January 21, 2016

Dear Hildie:

I indeed think it’s immoral for governments to encourage citizens to throw away their money on gambling. People who buy lottery tickets are indulging in fantasy. But we humans do that and I can understand somebody saying, “It’s a small amount to pay for the chance to be rich,” even though the mathematical expectation is piss poor and, as someone calculated, your chance of being hit by a meteor is four times as great.  And your syllogism is flawless: ALL DEMOCRATS BELIEVE IN WASTFUL WELFARE SPENDING. MALCOLM IS A DEMOCRAT. MALCOLM THEREFORE BELIEVES IN WASTEFUL WELFARE SPENDING. The only flaw is your premise.  And that’s a pretty big flaw!

I see Derrick Todd Lee died and there’s said to be lots of gloating on the Internet. I can’t see that. As Yogi Berra might have said, “Monsters are human, too.” And I’ll bet he didn’t tell where all the other bodies are buried.

Have to prepare a budget now. Take care. Have fun buying more lottery tickets (i.e., flushing money away).




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