Football and Bernie

Feb. 8, 2016


Dear Hildie:


Yeah! No more football for a while! I good friend of mine said once, “When L (his wife) and I were in college, we went to one football game. It was so stupid we got up in the middle of it and went back to my place and made love. We haven’t been to one since.” I’m so tired of hearing about football players’ concussions—It’s the damned business they’re in.

We’ll see what Bernie can do. But calling himself a socialist was a bad idea. I like him but I hope he isn’t a socialist—I don’t think we need real socialism–just some balances on capitalism, a la Teddy Roosevelt. And, at his age, one has to feel whoever he selects as vice president to run with him would be very important.


Take care. Happy Mardi Gras.




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