Poor JEB

Feb. 17, 2016


Dear Hildie:


So in your dream somebody licked your head, did they? Does Jung tell you that this comes from Aristotle, who said bears lick their young to  “constitute” them (whatever that means), and that Ovid and Pliny used this nugget of wisdom to state that parents “licked their young into shape,” hence taking a “licking”?


On to Lafayette cemetery again tomorrow, this time to walk around with the caretaker, who will point out where unmarked graves are—I hope.


I love something I heard on the news. Poor old inept Jeb Bush posted a photo of a semiauto handgun engraved with “Gov. JEB Bush” on  barrel, to show he was a Second Amendment rights man, and some pundit tweeted: “Gov. Bush, we know your campaign is almost dead, but we certainly hope this doesn’t mean you’re thinking about taking your life.”  This guy just leads with his chin—or with his brother’s, or mama’s, or daddy’s, or sister-in-law’s.


On to the post office now to deposit mail which will no doubt eventually be delivered. I still love the V-Day card!


Take care.