Days–blessed and otherwise

April 7, 2016


Dear Hildie:


More tinkering with my refurbished draft. Really has to be completely redone. Out of 365 pages I may be able to use 20.


Went to the post office yesterday and the stamp machine wouldn’t work, so I had to stand in line. The woman behind me said, “Nothing here works.” Amen. The clerk at the window told me to have a “blessed” day. I don’t know where this particular expression has come from but it seems to be all over the place now. A subtle way of injecting religion into everything.


Just read some stuff about the late Scalia. God, what an intellectually dishonest character. And such a condescending bastard, too. Thought anybody who didn’t believe what he did was a fool and told them so.


Take care. Have a blessed day.




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