Interview God

May 3, 2016


Dear Hildie:

I ‘ve lost weight so far (less than a week) but I’m always hungry. Sherlock Holmes used to say hunger honed his senses but it just makes me irritable and I have trouble concentrating.

My newspaper keeps failing to arrive (or getting stolen). Not that the deathless prose of the Advocate is any great loss. And the TV news is even worse—These local newscasters are such a bush-league lot: Greg what’s his-name on Ch 9 editorializes about “precious angels” being taken away whenever a kid gets killed. Reminds me of the cub reporter who was sent to cover a flood and said  “God’s wrath has visited destruction on this town. His fury…etc.”, to which, when he sent in his story, his old editor replied, “Drop flood story. Interview God.”


Take care.




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