Simple pleasures (like sleep)

May 9, 2016


Dear Hildie:


I got waked up at 1:30 this morning by the alarm company and had to go down to the office and wait for the police. It was a false alarm, fortunately, but nothing messes up the sleep like having to get up like that.


Otherwise, yesterday was entirely pleasant, sitting outside at the table in the front yard reading and smelling the fresh scents of spring—the tree bark, the flowers, etc. All that was missing was the odor of wood smoke, which evokes so any pleasant memories for me. One of life’s simple pleasures. I could imagine I was in Yucatan, or Ireland, or England, or Scotland, or even some place in the world I’d never been to.


Ah, well. Smelling is so much more acute these last few years since I went to a real allergist and ditched those ENT doctors.


Take care.





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