Anniversaries and politicians

Sept. 11, 2015


Dear Hildie:


Well, here we are at another anniversary. It’s one of those things you remember, like where you were when JFK was shot. For the latter I was in some training class at Ft. Gordon, Georgia, a hell hole equaled only by Ft. Polk.  I think we were at a fireman training session. In the perverse usage of the military (as in Farenheit 451), a fireman wasn’t somebody who puts out fires but somebody who keeps the fire going (in this case the old coal furnaces that heated the barracks). As for Sept. 11, I was at home and MM said, “A plane hit the World Trade Center.” I said, “Terrorism” and sat down to watch, shortly after which we saw the other plane hit. Ever since then, I’ve gone to the TV in the morning (which I never did that religiously before) because I’ve been waiting for the next atrocity. So I guess it’s a great blessing that all we have right now is the bloviation of politicians. What amused me this morning was Jindal’s looking at the camera straight on and saying, “I’m going to be the nominee.” Yeah, and Putin’s going to be the next pope.

Oh, and I never saw the Trevor Howard movie you mentioned but would probably enjoy it. As for watching GONE WITH THE WIND, that’s sort of like drowning in molasses.


Take care.




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