Abandoned houses

Dear Hildie:


Yesterday Karl and I went out to an archaeological location to take pictures of some old houses.

They’re all fairly modern looking, located in a 70 acre patch of woods. Lots of mosquitoes. The interesting thing is that they seem to have been suddenly abandoned. The first is modern looking, with a sun porch on the south side, Inside the place is in terrible repair—Looks like somebody took off hurriedly. There’s a can of unopened Borden’s eggnog (as well as other liquor bottles) on the bar counter, which suggests December. The inside toilet tank top says Jul 1974. There’s a suitcase on one bed. There’re boxes of documents on the sun porch. One bank statement was for a person in, Covington. There was a brown bat hanging over one door and he took off when I tried to take his picture, flew around the room. Can’t tell his species for sure: Pipestrelle? Eastern brown? Wingspan about 18 inches. I understand this area didn’t flood in Katrina but I suppose the threat could have caused people to leave. But a deputy told the field crew lots of people had walked away from their houses due to money troubles in that period. Structure 2, which is just west of it, has caved in roof and much of floor missing. Floor boards are modern looking, treated wood, and it is on formed, triangular cement blocks. The walls are wall board (with big holes). Toilet had been pulled but fixtures (sink, etc) otherwise looked new.  Again, no discernable style.


Weird, the way those places were left.


Take care.