July 6, 2016


Dear Hildie:


Boy, a client paid me $4,050. Now I can pay the $4,333 company credit card bill–almost.


Today’s mystery—I came out into the driveway with a flash drive in my hand along with my car keys, put them on the seat, and then, when I came back with my coffee cup, the flash drive was gone. Flash (or thumb) drives are very useful,  because they’re tiny and  can hold so much info, and they’re very dangerous because they’re tiny and can hold so much info!  Lose one and you can be putting all your fin financial/personal data into the hands of a stranger. I was bumfuzzled, but, then, applying Holmes’ methods in THE ADVENTURE OF THE SECOND STAIN (“I knew it was there because it could be nowhere else”) I found it on the floor of the van. Of course, Holmes lied when he told the PM that, because he knew the minister’s wife had taken it. Oh, well.


Crew is all in beautiful west Louisiana today. Lucky things!


Take care.