Hurricanes and Novels

Dear Hildie:

Can’t wait until the three day weekend. But I’m trying to finish this rewrite. I get so upset when I have to take time out to do other things and can’t get to the writing—I end up feeling guilty.   Feel this urge to get it all down lest I drop dead (like Dickens with Edwin Drood) and nobody knows what happens. I know, I flatter myself.

Don’t sweat the formations off West Africa—I think the hurricane threat’s done for this year, to the extent it ever actually existed. It’s fast getting too cool in the waters for one to be sustained. I am reading KATRINA by G. Rivlin now. Boy, what an indictment of Bush and his cronies. His pet war sapped all the resources that would otherwise have been available if the implications of the Hurricane Pam simulation had been taken seriously.



Take care.



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