Jackals and movies

Sept 9, 2015


Dear Hildie:


I don’t know what to say about your ex-  wanting to go (eventually) to Mexico to make the Great Transition. I know they have death certificates there, but they may just be issued by the cartels.

Now, I don’t, as you suggest, just watch movies where “I’m the hero.” Take TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE. Nobody would identify with Bogart’s Fred Dobbs, the paranoid, and Tim Holt is a little too slight a character to identify with. Likewise CAINE MUTINY—Robert Francis is not so good a character that you’d identify with him; Queeg is the main character but he’s crazy. THE THIRD MAN? Well, Holly is naïve, almost silly, but who’d want to be Harry Lime (Orson Welles)? He’s a psychopath. THE SEARCHERS? No, I’m not Ethan Edwards (John Wayne), who’s an Indian hater. Jeff Hunter? Again, overshadowed by the larger than life Ethan. Rick in CASABLANCA? Sure, any day.

Ah, the saga of Kim Davis continues. I bet that woman runs for something else soon. Huckaby such a jackal to go there to get camera time supporting her—Looks like he even out-jackaled Cruz, who tried to show up at the rally and was shunted aside. These people have no shame.

On to the dentist today. My dentist says they have such a high suicide rate because nobody wants to come see them. What can I say?


Take care.



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