Old manuscripts

October 26, 2015

Dear Hildie:

What terrible rain. Sure messed up my plans to hook up my Halloween animatronics. Every year I struggle with what cord goes where and which goes to what power strip, etc. Of course, after a few seasons a lot of the gadgets don’t work anyway–Hurrah for China!

For two days I’ve been scanning pages of an old (1979) manuscript I always liked, but the pages are all messed up and out of order and the ink is faded, so that means a lot of corrections when the scan is complete. Also, I used to think (back then) I was a decent writer. Now, with 30 years’ hind sight, I see how sloppy I really was. So many cliches and unnecessary word, and too damned many adverbs!

Well, I hope you’ve dried out by now. Take care.




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