Skulls at Avery Island (in my dreams)

October 1, 2015


Dear Hildie:


Happy October!  Nice weather to get all the current flowing, even from run-down batteries!


I was trying to combine into one computer file and print out for posterity (!) a copy of a manuscript from 2004. And lo! What do I discover? Chapter 38 is missing! I had to re-read it and figure out what was missing from it and now—since I can’t find the original print-out—I’ll have to write a Chapter 38, simply because I can’t stand unfinished stuff. I want to print out all this stuff because who knows when there’ll be the next revolution in computers and all the old discs will be useless? Or, worse, when some cosmic ray will delete all the magnetic storage from hard drives and thumb drives.


The Halloween firms have been at a low point invention-wise for the past few years—All about zombies and stuff that doesn’t excite me. I wish they’d get more creative. I may not add anything this year.


I had a weird dream the other night that we’d found some skullcaps (calvaria) eroding out of a mound on Avery Island. I was told by someone they looked human but someone else said they were too thick and were Australopithecine.  I wasn’t supposed to let out news of this, but I decided to consult old Dr. Haag, anyway. But then I couldn’t find the skull cap I’d taken to show him until I realized it was in a manila envelope I was carrying. I showed it to him and he was impressed. I realized this would be quite a revolution in paleoarchaeology, to have australopithecines from Avery Island, Louisiana!


Well, the administration has made a mess of things in Syria. I’m almost with your friend, the Syrian on this—Assad is a brute but so are all the others. It’s a complete mess. I’m surprised she was able to go back there.


Take care.





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