taxes and more taxes

Oct. 23, 2015

Dear Hildie:

That business about your son Murphy’s old tax bill sucks. It’s ridiculous to send people stuff that’s that old, unless they’ve been pursuing it with letters, etc., all along. It’s like the letter sent by OMV to 2.5 million people last week. As naked a grab for money as I’ve ever seen, by state officials weho’ve spent all the money in their budgets

I never said Hillary would be the nominee. I think she’s got a great chance but we all know the election is a long way off. My point is that anything can happen, as it did with Christie. By the way, I see a land-line poll (which probably disproportionately sampled older voters) says that in Saturday’s state gubernatorial election J. B. Edwards is No. 1, with 34%, Vitter No. 2 with 19%, and Dardenne and Angelle each with 16%.

Friday all day long today, then football tomorrow. Mary Ann Sternberg wrote a letter to the paper in which she says LSU academics ought to get uniforms and ask for half a million to play the football team, like some of these small-time schools do, then hope for a storm to cancel the game so they can go home and split the money among academic departments. Sounds good to me.

Have plunged back into re-reading last (revised) ms. Oh, the horror!

Take care.





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