Rain, rain

Dec. 30, 2015


Dear Hildie:

This cold’s got me down. But I’ll recover. Just got my blood panel back. Everything’s fine but the cholesterol, which I’ve never previously had a problem with. But since I didn’t know I was going to have to have blood work, I didn’t fast, and I’ve been eating a lot of fatty food lately over the holidays.


I continue to read THE WORK OF THE DEAD, about burial practices; it’s a fine book, but I wish the PC author (from UC Berkeley) didn’t feel compelled to use only the feminine pronoun for impersonal references, such as, “If a person were to stand in that spot, she would see…” I find this very aggravating. If you really are that offended by the male pronoun, use “they.”


Take care. Happy New Year, as this is the last letter you’ll get from me in 2015! My regards to the incarcerated,







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