Have a….day

April 14, 2016


Dear Hildie:

Maybe next time I’m wished a “blessed day” I’ll wish the wisher an “enlightened day.”

In the interests of health I’ve given up drinking bottled beer. You should be proud of me.

I just got David Kessler’s book CAPTURE, with a subtitle something like “understanding mental suffering.” I caught his interview on NPR. He’s one of these wunderkinds you have to hate—law degree, M.D., ex-head of the FDA, where he was very active when it came to testing new drugs.  An overachiever. But you have to respect what he says so I wanted to see for myself. One person called in and told him: “Now I understand my problem perfectly. But what can I do about it?” That’s about when I went into the post office, so I didn’t hear if there was a cure.

Enough for now. Protect the snakes—and possums and coons–in your yard…


Take care,



P.S. Played hell getting my draft beer dispenser set up but I think it’s finally working. Draft is so much better than bottled!

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