The feds have got the atom bomb

Dear Hildie:


Our friend Leslie sounds like the bearded lady in a three-act circus. Shouldn’t be cruel, but with just a little more wry humor inserted you could probably market this stuff as black humor.


I’m sending 2 victims to Plaquemines Parish tomorrow. You know, the parish old Leander Perez said he was going to build a fence around to keep out the “Nigras and communists.” And Uncle Earl Long said, “Whatcha gonna do now, Leander? The fed’s’ve got the atom bomb.” Well, old Leander is dead these many years and the Church accepted him back into its bosom after sufficient reparations were made to the right coffers. Earl’s dead, too, of course. And I keep thinking of what else he said: “One day the people of Louisiana are going to get an honest government. And they ain’t gonna like it.”


Take care.