Bill collectors

Dec. 14, 2015


Dear Hildie:


It is indeed frightening that a stranger with a clipboard has been sneaking up on you looking for your son Riley. Didn’t you tell him Riley was in jail in Mexico? Bill collectors surely won’t bother him there unless they have connections with the cartels. I think your plan is the right one—get his license number and then take that company to court for doing business on Sunday. Take a picture of him, his car, and his plates.


The annual Xmas party (to which you’re always invited but never attended when I sent you an invite) was a great success but my knees require me to sit down a lot and entertain as if I were a king on a throne, which, humble person that I am, I don’t like to do. Anyway, there’s plenty left to eat, so feel free to drop around for some.


Got several emails from Amos. All gibberish. Sounds like he’s off his meds. I’ve blocked his address.


Now I have to prepare a proposal.


Take care.