One more good eatery gone

Dec. 7, 2015

Dear Hildie:

We had a nice little jaunt to Livonia Friday, to a defunct plantation. But I was going to take the crew to eat at Joe’s Dreyfuss store and it was closed. For years that’s been a well-known local eatery and the one time I ate there, about five years ago, it was good. Instead, we ate at Camille’s Cajun Cafe in Erwinville. The hushpuppies had a fishy taste, probably from the oil they were fried in, but the red beans and rice were excellent.

Right now, I have no desire greater than for there to be cold weather so I can ensconce myself by the fire with eggnog or hot chocolate and a good book and not stir out again until March! But I fear that if victuals are to be put on the table that can’t happen.

Take care.