Katrina and penis bones

Dear Hildie:


I’m enclosing an excerpt from the Biblical Archaeology review relative to the question of whether “Adam’s rib” was really “Adam’s penis bone,” since your grandson asked such a logical question the other day. I’m not a Hebrew scholar, so I can’t comment, other than to say that what they say about male mammals (other than humans) generally having one is true. God, just think of how much anguish would have been averted in older men if God had left Adam alone! No purple pills, no Cialis, no spam on the computer about male enhancement!

Ten years since Katrina. It doesn’t seem like it. You know, what I remember most are two things: The look of shock/anguish on Gov. Blanco’s face when she appeared on TV (which I am convinced cost her the chance to run again) and the constant sound of helicopters coming and going in the air overhead for weeks on end. Our power disruption was minor, as I rec all—a few days. Far more alarming were the news reports, such as the one that armed gangs were downtown rioting/looting. Turned out to be false, of course.  Three years later, when Gustav hit us, we were in much better shape—Gov. Jindal talked the storm to death. I remember the newscasters laughing about his pervasive use of “we,” as if he knew what he was babbling about.


Well, on to my writing. It’s painful to have something to write and not be able to get it all out at once. Sort of like having a baby, I imagine, or some other bodily function! But the best writing advice I ever heard was not to write all you had in mind at once, because that would leave you staring at a blank page the next day, with no place to start. Better to leave something undone so you could start at a point where you knew what was coming next.


Take care.