Dear Hildie:


They say Erika is the next storm to watch out for. I am unimpressed. Just as I am with the weather forecasters. They give them an inordinate amount of time on TV to stand in front of big aerial maps and wave their hands around and talk about tropical waves and cold fronts and dry air, and what it always boils down to is “maybe.” Seems like they could pay these guys less to say less, since in the end they have only informed guesses.  Trying to run my field crews based on weather predictions is courting financial disaster.

In my opinion, weathermen are bat-fowling, sodden-witted ratsbanes (I have a wonderful little book with three sections, each with a Shakespearean epithet that I can open randomly to get an old fashioned Elizabethan curse. But I have yet to find out what a “bed-swerver” is.).


Enough for now.